Who We Are

Where we started

As a nationally recognized automotive expert, Adam Goldfein founded Goldfein, LLC after receiving a question from a caller on one of his radio shows. He identified a need where he had the unique ability to help. The rare combination of automotive and legal experience provided him with a trained ear to pinpoint needs, develop solutions, and execute effectively in this space. As the company evolved, these sentiments of listening for clients’ friction points, doing the right thing, and being able to provide superior solutions remain top priorities in the culture and strategy of the firm.

Where we are

Goldfein is a national firm with offices in over 19 states across the country. We represent some of the largest, most prominent leaders in the finance and automotive industries across our Four Pillars of solutions: Data, Technology, Business Services, and Legal Services. Our unequaled combination of data and technology focus with stellar business processes and legal capabilities uniquely positions our company to provide unmatched results to our clients. Our firm continues to grow and evolve exponentially each year.

Where we’re going

Our mission is to help our clients reduce expenses, increase through-put, and provide analytics and technology to improve their operations. We continue to build strong relationships and develop innovative projects with our current partners and seek to make a notable impact across many industries by helping companies be competitive and accomplish their goals.