Our Values

We are a company of optimists. We look for people who have a positive attitude, are hard-workers, and are helpful. With our clients, we listen to their problems and work to define what success looks like so we can exceed expectations.

Life at Goldfein

Our firm is fast-paced, results-oriented, and innovative. We seek nice, smart people who want to work hard with a great attitude. Our company is comprised of those who think on their feet, are great listeners, and are willing to lend a hand. Our people are trained to and are focused on always looking for the better way to deliver great results to our clients.

We invest in our people and offer ample opportunities to learn, grow, and advance. A career at Goldfein offers an incredible network of connections, consistent personal and career development, and opportunities to make a real difference for some of the world’s largest industry leaders.

We Offer: 

  • Thorough on-boarding 
  • Career training 
  • Excellent benefits including medical, dental, vision, and 401k  
  • Paid time off 
  • Cutting-edge technology  
  • Opportunities for advancement 

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Internship Opportunities

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Hear From Our People


"I am amazed and grateful with this opportunity working at Goldfein. Every single journey that I've embarked on, I've learned something new. And the people I work with are very kind and nice.”

Customer Service / Employee since 2020


“I absolutely love working for Goldfein. The company embodies a culture that cultivates professional and personal growth. Management helps you exceed your goals and helps you grow with in the company.”



“I love being a part of the Goldfein family and that's exactly what it feels like working here. It's so exciting to watch our family grow with new employees and new business. I can't wait to see what the new year brings.”



“They say knowledge is power and power is growth. Working at Goldfein, I've learned the only force that can stop you is yourself. Each day is different and refreshing; brand new experiences are made. We are constantly learning and developing. We strive for continuous improvement through our core values of positive attitude, hard work, and helping others.”



"Goldfein provides a unique opportunity to enter the Insurance field with little no prior knowledge needed. They will build you from the ground up and having you working at a high level of proficiency and professionalism expected of a seasoned vet in the field. Goldfein has an amazing system of promoting from within truly showing appreciation for all the work you put in. Truly a great company to work for!"

Case Manager / Employee since 2020


“I love working from home. Management is always friendly, helpful and an overall joy to work with and there's plenty of room to grow with the company!”

Case Manager / Employee since 2020


"Goldfein is a great place to work. The employees are very inclusive, and everyone tries to help one another as we grow and innovate as a company."

Assistant Supervisor / Employee since 2019


“After a hiatus to raise my children, working for Goldfein has re-opened the business world for me. GCM has provided me with exciting challenges and interesting work in a fast-paced environment. The training was top-notch and working from home has been a surprising blessing. My day flies by and I'm always surprised when it's quitting time.”

Claims Administrator / Employee since 2020


"I really enjoy working in the GAP Department at Goldfein. They are great team, really supportive, and smart. I've learned so much, and still continue to learn more everyday."



"Goldfein has provided me with all of the tools for professional growth within the company. I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful and innovative team!"

Administrator / Employee since 2020


“At Goldfein, I have been really impressed with the sense of community the company has been able to bring me. Even though we are all working from home, Goldfein has introduced me to people I now hold as not just co-workers but friends. It really does wonders, working with people you feel like you can talk to, even on the management level.”

Customer Service / Employee since 2020


“The culture at Goldfein is very team oriented. When you are hired you get to meet an incredible team that will help you with anything you need to get the job done. They will continue to follow up with you and check how work is going. Working at Goldfein is a work hard play hard environment!”

Claims Administrator / Employee since 2018

A Note From the Founder

“Since our founding, our continued growth is due to the hard work of our Associates and Managers, the adoption of cutting-edge technology, and a client list which is the envy of our industry. As such, we are continuously looking for exceptional individuals who want to work in a progressive, forward thinking organization.

Here, character matters. Positive Attitude, Hard Work, and Helpfulness are our core values. Together we support one another. Together we work hard to satisfy our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on very low turn-over and personal growth/development.

Because we are a growing firm, we value a candidate’s ability to learn quickly, to work efficiently, and be willing to adapt to new processes in a fast paced, high volume environment. There is unlimited opportunity for growth and advancement.”

Adam Goldfein, President

Our Recruitment Team

Misc – Alison

"Goldfein has been one of the most innovative companies I have worked for, instilling a culture of mutual employee and client respect, support, collaboration, and growth, in which I feel valued and impactful in my work."

Operations Manager; former Goldfein Recruiter / Employee since 2019


“I love and respect the positive values, the diversity, the hardworking people and how the company continues to grow and become more innovative. I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge while working here and I am excited to continue growing and learning.”



“My time with Goldfein has made me appreciate what is possible when teams embrace an outlook grounded in kaizen. I take pride knowing that our clients can look to us for innovative solutions for today and that our management will always push for improvements based on what may come tomorrow.”



"Goldfein has a truly impressive culture. Employee growth, prosperity and safety is the top priority. I am proud a team member at Goldfein."

Customer Service / Employee since 2020


“At Goldfein, I’ve always experienced not only a dedication to giving employees the tools they need to succeed professionally, but also a dedication to taking care of employees on a personal level as well. No one is ever a cog in a machine but instead everyone is a valued member of the team who Goldfein is committed to on an individual level.”



“The best work culture in the business! Not only do they train you to prepare you for anything that might come your way, they also make sure you feel included and an important piece of the larger puzzle. Couldn't have asked for a better environment to grow as a business professional.”

Administrator / Employee since 2020


"I never knew what it felt like to truly 'fit into' a role at a company until I came to Goldfein. The way everyone fits together in their roles really makes for great business and personal relationships!"



"Goldfein is an employee focused company fostering an environment for growth, learning, and developing new skills. Working for Goldfein has awarded me the opportunity to have a daily sense of fulfillment."

Customer Service / Employee since 2020


"My experience with Goldfein has been amazing! Everything has been thorough and an enthusiastic with dedication. I have always felt listened to and acknowledged for my values and aspirations!"

Learning & Development / Employee since 2018


"Accepting a position within this company has been so much more than an employment opportunity; it has created a path for future knowledge, relationships, and advancement. I am surrounded by intelligent people who are kind, caring, and client-focused; all of which lend themselves to both encouraging and cultivating a positive work environment."



"A phenomenal company to work for! At Goldfein, 'smart work' is rewarded and has led to a diverse, fast moving, and peerless organization."



“Since joining Goldfein a little over three years ago, I have been provided with extensive opportunities of professional and personal growth. I have excelled at my role, and part of this success is due to my supporting and encouraging manager. Clocking into a job which understands you and supports your professional plans is extremely valuable. We set goals and have fun achieving them while we work towards a common vision.”

Case Manager / Employee since 2017


"From leadership that truly cares about their employees to the opportunity for upward mobility from the first day, working at Goldfein has been a very enjoyable experience for me. The company is fast-paced and client focused, but still puts a huge emphasis on the personal growth and success of it’s employees. I have learned so much and have loved my time here!"